Electric Classics - Bruch Concerto No. 1 for Guitar

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Electric Classics - Bruch Concerto No. 1 for Guitar


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Performed by Theron Welch, electric guitar Accompaniment: Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra Conductor: Emil Kahn He’s bringing classical music two centuries forward! Lay a Jimi Hendrix vibe over a classical violin concerto, and you begin to get an inkling of what Welch’s new Electric Classic album is all about. He’s playing the Bruch Violin Concerto using loads of distortion and a totally modern sound. It’s a bold path but the music beckons. The music with TAB will enable guitarists everywhere to join a full orchestra under the direction of one of Europe’s great conductors, Emil Kahn. Includes a beautifully engraved solo part as well as tablature for the entire concerto, and a digital stereo compact disc featuring complete version of the concerto with Theron Welch as soloist, then the orchestra minus you, the soloist! Also includes a -20% slow-tempo version of the accompaniments of the faster outer movements to help you get up to speed!

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