Russian romances : with guitar accompaniment

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Russian romances : with guitar accompaniment


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Russian romances : with guitar accompaniment Please note that we judge the condition of this product to be: Used Very Good Amidst the noisy ball / Pyotr Tchaikovsky — I met you / Anonymous — Do not wake her at dawn / Alexander Varlamov — Darling / Emile Waldteufel — The gate / Vsevolod Buyukli — Doubts / Mikhail Glinka — Black eyes / F. Gherman — The chrysanthemum has lost its bloom / Nikolai Kharito — Coachman, do not rush your horses / Yakov Feldman — A foggy morning / V. Abaz — Looking at the purple twilight / Andrey Oppel’ — Do not awaken memories / Pyotr Bulakhov — A radiant night / N. Shiryayev — Only once we meet in life / Boris Fomin — I loved you / Boris Sheremet’yev — I shall not tell you anything / T. Tolstaya — I am so madly in love with you / B Kei?l — Stars in the sky / Boris Borisov — The night is light / Nikolay Shishkin — I sing again / D. Botari — All is quiet / T. Tolstaya — Do not leave / Nikolay Zubov — Do not tempt me without cause / Mikhail Glinka — Do not put on the lights / Alexander Spiro — No, he did not love / Alfonso Guercia — The dark cherry-colored shawl / Vladimir Bakaleynikov — Caravan / Boris Prozorovsky.

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